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Our Team

We are people just like you – campus missionaries, ministry wives, young adult pastors, and more – who simply have a passion to make Gen Z disciples on college campuses and beyond.

Britney Lyn Hamm author editor

Britney Lyn Hamm

Britney is a writer, editor, and owner of a small publishing company, Storyformed Press. She is the author of a novel, Finding Freedom, and co-author with her husband of a discipleship series, Discipleship Lab. She writes regularly about college ministry for the MBC Pathway. She and her husband, Travis, have been doing college ministry since they married in 2009. She is a homeschooling mom of five. She loves coffee, chocolate, hiking, reading, and discipling women.

Christina Boatright

Christina is a Campus Missionary with the BSU at North Central Missouri College in Trenton, MO, where she has served since 2011. She has a large extended family that she loves dearly, and bringing a sense of family for students at the BSU is something she cares deeply about. She is passionate about seeing disciples made and lives changed through the power of Jesus Christ. She loves people, nature, food, and traveling. She is a Star Wars fanatic and an avid reader.
Paul Damery college minister

Paul Damery

Paul is the Campus Missionary for Christian Challenge at Missouri Western State University where he has served since 2005. He considers his own years in college a life-changing experience. He is passionate about discipling students to make much of Jesus through their lives and words on campus and beyond. He has been married to his college sweetheart, Jala, since 2001. Together they have four children. Paul enjoys bike riding and roasting his own coffee.
Austin Pfrimmer Crowder BSU

Austin Pfrimmer

Austin Pfrimmer is the Associate Pastor at FBC Noel and became the BSU Director for Crowder College BSU in 2023. A graduate of Southwest Baptist University, he is passionate about preaching the gospel and discipleship. His aim is for the gospel to permeate everything the BSU does as students are encouraged, edified, and equipped. He and his wife, Chloe, have been married since 2020, and in his spare time he enjoys writing, reading, basketball, and fishing.
Reese Hammond college ministry

Reese Hammond

Reese is the Campus Missionary for Lighthouse Campus Ministry at Southeast Missouri State University. He became a Christian his senior year of college at Northwest Missouri State, where he then served on staff before taking the position at SEMO in 2018. He is passionate about evangelism and equipping students to share their faith. Reese enjoys reading, games, and being outdoors. He has been married to his wife, Lisa, since 2014. They have three young sons.
Jon Smith college ministry

Jon Smith

Jon is the Campus Missionary for the BSU at Missouri Southern State University. He has been doing college ministry for over twenty years. He and his wife, Mandi, have been married since 1997 and have three grown children. Jon loves the outdoors almost as much as he loves his family; he enjoys hiking, kayaking, fishing, hunting, camping - you name it; he's down for it. Jon is an avid reader, and he is working on his first book, a devotional for outdoorsmen.
Jerome Stockert college ministry

Jerome Stockert

Jerome is the Campus Missionary for Central BSU at University of Central Missouri. Since his life-transforming encounter with Jesus as a young adult, Jerome has spent his adult life doing vocational ministry, serving in various roles as a college minister, pastor, and church planter. He has been married to Andrea for over three decades and has three grown children. He loves coffee and is a passionate fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins.
Jason and Karin Yarnell College Ministry

Karin Yarnell

Karin is a former missionary kid and a college ministry wife. She and her husband, Jason, have been doing ministry at their alma mater, Northwest Missouri State University, since 2001. Karin is passionate about discipling women to maturity in Jesus and caring for the whole individual, mental wellness included. She loves enjoying God's creation, particularly from the view of a kayak. She has three grown children, one son-in-law, and a granddaughter.



Equipping You to Make Disciples of Collegians & Young Adults

The Collegiate DiscipleMaker is an online publication providing practical encouragement and disciplemaking tools to those making disciples among college students and young adults. Our weekly articles are theologically rich, biblically grounded, pragmatically applicable, and college ministry oriented.

Our Team

We are people just like you— campus missionaries, ministry wives, young adult pastors, and more—who simply have a passion to make Gen Z disciples on college campuses and beyond.


Austin Pfrimmer (Campus Missionary)

Christina Boatright (Campus Missionary)

Paul Damery (Campus Missionary)

Reese Hammond (Campus Missionary)

Jon Smith (Campus Missionary)

Jerome Stockert (Campus Missionary) 

Karin Yarnell (College Ministry Wife)

Editor in Chief:

Britney Lyn Hamm (College Ministry Wife)